A&F Virtual Townhall Meetings were held on March 27 and April 10, 2020.


March 27 - Questions were answered by Kelly Fox (Executive VP, Administration & Finance).

April 10 - Questions were answered by Kelly Fox (Executive VP, Administration & Finance), Mark Demyanek (Interim SVP, A&F), Jim McGarrah (VP, IT & CIO), Jim Fortner (VP, Finance & Planning), and Kim Harrington (Assoc. VP, Human Resources).








Work Green

Work Green Champions

Building Services core "green team" worked hard through their department to earn the top spot in the Work Green PilotThis pilot allowed staff members to voluntarily lead in promoting sustainable practices in their workplace. Nine Facilities Management teams volunteered.

Acts of Excellence

Shaking Hands

Recognize your peers for excellence in their daily work by nominating a fellow employee or team for a Facilities Management Acts of Excellence Award. Learn more!

Sustainability Committee

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Get involved! Interested in sharing your knowledge on green practices with others in Facilities? Join our contact list.

Inside Facilities Newsletter

Inside Facilities: 2019 Quarters 1 & 2

front page of newsletter quarters 1&2 2019

It was full speed ahead in the first part of 2019 with continuing new construction, numerous renovations, awards for Building Services and kudos for Landscape Services and their hard work to keep our campus beautiful.  Lots of new faces in all departments joined our group to help maintain a strong momentum.

Inside Facilities: 2019 Quarter 3

front page of facilities management newsletter June - Sept 2019

Brand new buildings, continued renovations, reconfigured financial processes and the addition of more new employees in Facilities Management made for a busy summer.  We welcomed a new president in September and celebrated positive customer survey feedback across all departments.

Inside Facilities: 2019 Quarter 4

front page of facilities management newsletter Oct-Dec 2019

Fall featured Strategic Planning Visioning sessions and a town hall with President Cabrera. Construction projects such as the Campus Center and the EcoCommons moved forward and The Kendeda Building's "Ops" team settled in. New employees joined Facilities Management and we all celebrated the holiday season with a Thanksgiving potluck and a festive holiday party.  

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 4

front page of newsletter quarter 4 2019

With a year of ups and downs behind us, it’s time to reflect on some truly great accomplishments by the Facilities Unit in 2018. 

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 3

Homecoming festivities are always full of excitement and energy. Before the students and alumni embarked on their festivities, just about every department from across the Facilities Unit worked hard to support the weekend.

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 2

It was with great pleasure that on April 30, 2018 Georgia Tech Facilities Management heard the news that we have been selected to receive the APPA Award for Excellence. This award is APPA’s highest institutional honor, providing national and international recognition for outstanding achievements in facilities management.

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 1

With spring comes a bloom of construction activity throughout campus. Building on cutting-edge innovations from the past including CNES lab, nearly 30 green certified buildings and green operational practices, Georgia Tech is currently constructing the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.